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Tebet Business Directory consists of addresses and phone numbers of favorite restaurants, traditional markets, hotels, offices, schools, super markets, malls, automotives, gardens, flowers, cakes, advertising, computers, salons, barber shops, cosmetics, banks, apartments etc.
Originally it was compiled for personal purposes and then published to the internet as a gateway to search business directory and websites in Tebet and surrounding area.

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Senin, 27 Juli 2009

Tebet Business Directory

Arlet Laundry & Dry Cleaning Jl. Tebet Barat 5 No. 12, Tel 83790468, Email Website click here. Suit, Coat, Safari Suit, Shirt, Trouser, Short Pants, T-Shirt, Neck Tie, Jacket, Sweater, Over Coat, Uniform etc.

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Agen Susu Natural Colostrums Skim Milk Jl. Tebet Barat 5 No. 12, Tel 8296762, Email Website click here.

Quote from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Colostrum (also known as beestings or first milk or "immune milk") is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

Colostrum is high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies and low in fat (as human newborns may find fat difficult to digest). Newborns have very small digestive systems, and colostrum delivers its nutrients in a very concentrated low-volume form. It has a mild laxative effect, encouraging the passing of the baby's first stool, which is called meconium. This clears excess bilirubin, a waste product of dead red blood cells which is produced in large quantities at birth due to blood volume reduction, from the infant's body and helps prevent jaundice. Colostrum contains all five immunoglobulins found in all mammals, IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. There are many beneficial proteins in the colostrum, including a variety of growth factors (IGfs). Bovine colostrum is sometimes used by humans as a dietary supplement for general immunity and physical strength.

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Eno Netral RACER Kids Rock Shop Jl. Soepomo No. 50, Pancoran, Tebet Barat, Tel 8314112, Email none Website none. For Sale T-Shirt, Accessories, Shoes, Caps, Music Studio for rent etc.

Preferable choice MDL TOUR & TRAVEL SERVICES Jl. Pal Batu 3 No. 58 Casablanca, Tebet, Tel 83700111, 83700110, 8312586 Esia +622192868960, Fax 83700109, Website mdl. E-mail:, Deliver to your door step, Air ticket, Hotel vouchers, Passport process assistance, Meeting & Gathering package etc.

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My favorite Hotel JW Marriott Jakarta, Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E No. 1 & 2, Tel 57988888, Fax 57988833, Email marriot, Website click here. "At Your Services©" Messages, Babby Sitting, Laundry, Lost & Found, Medical Assistance, Room Service, Restaurant Reservations, Wake-up Calls, Additional Guest Room Needs, Ballroom Dua Mutiara, Bellman, Business Center, Butler Service, Concierge, etc.

delicious Ninda Kue Onde Onde Lawang Jl. Tebet Barat 9 No. 25, Tel 98250403, Email Website click here. Traditional and Modern Indonesian Cakes such as Onde-Onde, Sus Vla, Kue Lapis, Nagasari, Crocket, Rissole Racquet, Macaroni Sikotel, Sosis Solo, Martabak Telur, Sambosa, Combro, Tahu Isi, Pisang Goreng, Lumpur, Wajik, Dadar Isi Kelapa, Lemper, Lontong etc.

CV Sarana Niaga, Jl. Tebet Barat 6 No. 2, Telp. 8313867, HP Andy Ryanto 08161132499, Email Sarana, Website click here. Experienced Developer, Contractor, Interior and Building Design. Entered the business since 1976, developed more than 200 Houses, Townhouse, Offices, Hospitals Renovation etc.

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RoseGarden3 Townhouse, designed especially for young and energetic family.

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my dream car HONDA The Power of Dream, Honda Tebet Jl. Prof Dr. Soepomo No. 44 Tebet Barat, Tel 8281393-94, 8312802-03, Fax 8281395, Email contact, Website honda. Facility: Sales, Services, and Spare Parts.

BMW Built your dream car TEBET Jl. Dr Soepomo No.174 Tebet - Jakarta - 12810 Ph. +62 21 8301805-7, 8298451 Fax. +62 21 8305704, Contact us, Website bmw. Facility: Showroom, Workshop, and Spare parts.

the Lavande Residences Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo No. 231, A True Living for Your Body, Mind and Soul Telp. 83787111, Email thelavande, Website Prestigious Apartments, Swimming Pool, Massage Pool, Children Playground, Spa, Gazebo, Yoga Area, Fitness Center etc.

Balaenoptera musculus
(Linnaeus 1758) Quoted from

DERIVATION: from the Latin balaena for whale; from the Greek pteron for wing-fin, from the Latin musulus, and diminutive of mus for mouse. (This may be meant as a joke since the blue whale is very different from a mouse, but it is also sometimes taken to mean muscular.)

At the ocean's surface, a 27 foot high, slender, vertical blow reached toward the sky. As the 100 foot long body of the blue whale begins to descend, it reflects many shades of blue. As sunset fades to twilight and night, the color of the whale turns from shades of yellow to orange, pink, lavender, gray and black. The mottled back of the blue whale, due to its uneven skin pigmentation, reflects many color changes throughout the day.

This coloring may help it avoid detection by the krill upon which it preys. The largest animal to ever inhabit the planet feeds almost exclusively on one of the smallest animals -- shrimp-like krill. A blue whale can ingest up to eight tons of krill per day, and it has 55 to 68 ventral grooves extending at least to the navel. These throat grooves expand to accommodate 40 to 50 tons of water and krill. The pouch, when filled, is the size of a large living room.

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